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Harbor City Lodge #318
Time: 6PM - 9PM

1st Wednesday each month

R\H\Jay Rodgers

District Instructor
The THUNDERING 17th Masonic District


Christopher J. Durie

District Deputy Grand Master

My Brothers,

It is an honor to have been selected by our Most Worshipful Grand Master, Thomas L. Turlington Jr., to serve as his District Deputy Grand Master for the 17th Masonic District. I have worked with many of you over the past two years as District Instructor, and I look forward to continuing working with each and every one of you over the course of this Grand Lodge year.

With the closure of lodges for two and a half months earlier this year, I know that many of you are looking to get back to work and seeing old friends. Many of the lodges will have some work ahead of them to get caught up on business. I am confident that all of the lodges in the district will be able to overcome any challenges that the recent concerns over the virus have caused and that while part of the year has been lost, the remainder of the year will be productive for everyone.

As lodges start to reopen, I plan on making unofficial visits to some of the lodges in the month of June as a means of seeing how everyone is doing and offering my assistance where possible. While I have not set a schedule for my official visits at this time, I hope to be able to do some official visits starting in July. Expect more information in the coming months as to the status of my official visits.

Finally, our official visit from the Grand Master will be on Friday, October 9th. It will be held at Azan Shrine, which registration at 5:30PM and dinner served at 6:30PM. I encourage the brothers of the district to attend. This year our Most Worshipful Grand Master will be returning to the format that MW John Karroum had in his year (with some minor variations). In other words, there will be no tyled meeting that night and everything will be handled at the dinner. This will allow all attendees to hear the messages from the Grand Line and the Grand Master and enjoy a night in fellowship.

In closing, my Brothers, I look forward to the year ahead of us and wish you all well.


Christopher J. Durie

Right Worshipful District Deputy Grand Master

Phone. 321-266-4515



The THUNDERING 17th Masonic District



*** News and Events ***

CHANGE - July 11th - Masters & Wardens Meeting @ Melbourne Lodge No. 143

  *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

5th Annual "Mini Golf Tournament" - August 8, 2020

   *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Table of Installations - 2020 (as of June Minutes)

Lodge                                     Date           Time


Indian River No. 90

Brevard Lodge No.113

Melbourne Lodge No.143      12/29/2020 6:00 p.m.

Harbor City Lodge No.318

Canaveral Lodge No.339        1/09/2021 10:00 a.m.

Merritt Island Lodge No.353  1/02/2021   6:00 p.m.

Beach Lodge No. 354

Gateway Lodge No.384          1/09/2021  1:00 p.m.

Palm Bay Lodge No.397

Azan Shrine Center


Letter from the Grand Master

Letter from the Deputy Grand Master


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2017 District 17 of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons of Florida