17th Masonic District
Representing Florida's Space Coast
The International Order of Job's Daughters
The International Order of JOB'S Daughters is one of today's outstanding character-building organizations for young women, ages 10 - 20, who are related to a Master Mason. Its activities provide opportunities for young women to develop confidence, good character, life-long friendships, moral and spiritual values, and leadership abilities -- and to have a lot of fun along the way.

JOB'S DAUGHTERS teaches the time-tested principles of respect for parents and home, loyalty to flag and country, and reverence for God.

In Job's Daughters a young woman has the opportunity to:

  • Build her self-confidence
  • Develop Leadership Abilities
  • Make new and lasting Friendships
  • Enjoy fun activities
  • Be of service to Others

Bethel Meetings are when the normal business of all organizations is conducted (such as paying bills, hearing reports of committees, receiving petitions for membership), initiate new members, and have time for talk and laughter.  At such meetings members wear a white Grecian-style robe, similar to that worn in the time of Job.

At activities outside of the Bethel, members dress as other young women do, and spend their time in cementing friendships, improving their communities, and enjoying the fun of youth. All activities are chaperoned for the safety and welfare of all.

Our charity, the Hearing Impaired Kid's Endowment (The HIKE Fund), provides hearing assistive devices for children in need. Our popular "hikes for HIKE," provide a special charitable service to our community. Our work with hearing-impaired children has led many groups, called Bethels, to learn sign language. We are proud to be "kids helping kids! "


Why are we called "Job's Daughters"?  

The book of Job, found in about the middle of the Old Testament of the Bible, is more than a story of a man with problems.  It is the story of all people who have ever had difficulty understanding the purposes of God.  Job wondered -- and he never found the answer.  But Job did learn the beautiful lesson that are taught in Job's Daughters -- that if we remain steadfast when our troubles come, and maintain our faith in Him, we will receive the gifts of a just and loving God.  And finally, when Job's family and peace are restored, we are told that "in all the land were no women found as fair as the daughters of Job."  Job's Daughters also try to learn how we, too, may be found fair in the sight of God.

The official emblem of the International Order of Job's Daughters (also known as "Job's Daughters International") is a double triangle, with three women in the center (representing the three daughters of Job - from the Book of Job in the Bible).Along the bottom of the inner triangle are the words "IYOB FILIAE."

"IYOB" is Greek, "FILIAE" is Latin, together they mean "Daughters of Job."


Mrs. Ethel T. Wead Mick founded the International Order of Job's Daughters in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1920, in honor and memory of  her mother, Elizabeth D. Wead.  The purpose of the Order is to band together young women with Masonic relationship for character building through moral and spiritual development by teaching a greater reverence for God and the Holy Scriptures; loyalty to the Flag and the Country for which it stands, and respect for parents and guardians.

Mrs. Mick, realizing the importance of the early training she received from her mother, and especially the beautiful lessons in literature and drama found in the Book of Job, decided to give her time and talent to make it possible for all young women of Masonic relationship to share the rare privileges that were hers.  After several years of careful study and consideration with the assistance of her husband, Dr. William H. Mick, and other interested Master Masons and members of the Eastern Star, she founded the International Order of Job's Daughters.  The ritual work of the Order is based on the Triangle, the Three Daughters of Job, the Open Book, Education, and combines the emblematic representation of Latin and ancient Greek ages.

Membership Requirements

Requirements for membership in the International Order of Job's Daughters:

* Be a young woman from 10 to 20 years of age.
* Believe in God.
   (Individual religious beliefs are respected.)
* Be related to a Mason.
   (Help will be provided to identify a Masonic relative.)
* Be of good character and reputation.
   (Nobody is perfect, but members should strive to be the best they can be.)
* Petition a Bethel for membership.
   (Parents or guardians must approve of membership.)

For more information, contact: Jan Reinhart, Supreme Deputy to FL Job's Daughters at